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Hearing aids can be ordered by the family physician or Audiologist. Regardless of the type of hearing aid is selected they all have the same basic components. Rechargeable batteries or a conventional hearing aid , the small devices capture sounds from the surrounding environment and relay the sounds to the person in accordance with the needs of hearing. A microphone is small enough to capture the sound, and tiny computer chips use an amplifier to process and transform the sound into a digital code. The code is generated based on the quality of the sound source and the needs of listening and the degree the loss of hearing. Once this process is completed the signals are transformed to sound waves and then to the ear via the speaker máy trợ thính cho người già

People who wear glasses will say that it takes some time before the uncomfortable feeling of having things on your face or in your ears disappears. Your ears need to become used to the hearing aids, however it shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable or. When you are wearing glasses or have devices that rest on your ear, you’ll have to figure out how to arrange them so that they sit well. The discomfort that you feel will disappear within a couple of days.

Always follow the advice of your physician or audiologist However, it is generally acceptable to wear hearing aids in a comfortable environment for the first few days following the day you receive them. It is important wearing them as frequently as you can until you are able to recognize a range of sounds, and block out any noises that irritate you. Do not remove them in an uninvolved environment at home, since you’ll help your brain adapt to a variety of environment and sounds more quickly.

You’ll want to try the brand new hearing aids at a calm location. Make sure you are in a quiet area of the house for the initial couple of hours with the device in place, since you’ll need to adjust to hearing the subtle or subtle sounds. The clock’s ticking or the purr of the cat, the roar of a car on the highway, or the timer in the laundry might be extremely noisy at first, because your brain isn’t processing the sounds for a long duration. If you hear certain sounds that you are not happy with create a list. It is possible to report any problematic sounds during a follow-up visit with your physician, and your device could be altered.

With the advancements in technology Hearing aids with advanced technology are likely to make automatic adjustments to suit the various listening situations you’re in. Due to this feature, you won’t have to adjust the volume manually. It is tempting to increase the volume in order hearing sounds further away however, you will not be able to utilize your hearing aids to offer the same features as fully functioning ears. It is possible to cause more harm to your ears when you use your devices in this manner.

Family members and friends may have a habit of setting the radio or television at a higher volume in order to accommodate for hearing loss, however the new hearing aids can bring the normal settings. It is possible that you don’t know the exact level of “normal” will be with hearing aids the first place, so have someone assist you in determining the best level for your volume. Keep a record and ensure that the television or other devices adjusted to the volume you want.

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